Party Planner Business Names

Party Planner Business Names

Party planning is itself an exciting business idea. Every party or event has a separate emotion and intention associated with it. People get thrilled just by hearing the word “party”.

Now lets dive into the name ideas for your event planning business. Being a party planning business, your business name must evoke these emotions. Events and parties are not everyday things. They occur occasionally. But whenever organized, people invest their money whole-heartedly and hire an expert party planner to make the event memorable.

Out of several event planners budding every other day, how will your event planning business stand out from the crowd? The trick lies in naming your event company. Yes, catchy event business names can help you grab attention of people who are looking for event planners. Your company name gives them a gist of how the event is going to be. After all, the first impression is everything that can either make or break your event planning company’s reputation.

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How to come up with a Party Planner Business Name

Brainstorming name ideas for event planning business requires a detailed evaluation of your event planning business. But, before you start, make sure to name your event company based on these rules:

  1. Don’t go with long, heavy, or hard-to-read names. Keep it simple and loud.
  2. Be 100% sure that the name isn’t taken. Even if it happens by mistake, it can harm your company’s name.
  3. Don’t ever try to abbreviate your business name. People aren’t very pleased with guess work. It can even give them a wrong message about your brand.
  4. Your party planning company name should describe your business in a gist.

You can start thinking of your planning business names on these parameters:

#1 Think of appealing words

Words like celebration, fun, or events are attention-grabbing phrases. When used wisely, you can come up with interesting business name ideas.

#2 Go for rhyming words

Rhyming words or alliteration sound amazing while reflecting a connection between your event management business name and the word that rhymes with it.

#3 Words that resonate with your business

If you are a wedding planning company think of phrases that denote joy and longevity. Being a party planner you must go with words depicting happiness and whimsy feelings.

#4 Take a look at your competitors

Go through your competitors’ business names and analyze how their business name worked for them. Try to implement it in your event management company name uniquely.

Or, you can just go through our treasure of creative and exciting party planner business name ideas to ease your task.

A perfect event is often characterized by the name of the event planner company. People have a habit of judging a book by its cover. So why don’t you use it as your branding arsenal? You can go for any catchy event planning name that describes your brand message and delivers the right set of emotions to your customers.

Thinking of an interesting party planner business name can reveal your creative side to your customers. People relate this creativity to the approach used by your management company to plan their parties, weddings, and other small and grand events. So, if you want to get the most out of the name of your party planning business, get in touch with us at NameEstate.

We offer domain ready party planner business names which leave a lasting first impression on your customers. Our names are inexpensive yet highly appealing.


party planner names

If you are a seasoned party planner looking for some creative names to define your business, choose from these business name ideas. Whether you plan parties for kids or couples, weddings or techfests, we’ve got you covered.

  • Patriot Event Planning
  • Planners Worth
  • Planners Kid
  • Material Planners
  • Breakaway Planner
  • Tone Planner
  • Planning Message
  • HowTo Planners
  • Generation Party
  • Party Universe
  • Prince Event Planning
  • Flexiframe
  • InGame Party
  • Planningdo
  • MannersPlanner
  • A1 Planning
  • burbWestPlanner
  • Canary Event Planning
  • Planners Groups
  • Outpost Event Planning
  • Loan Planning
  • BluePlanners
  • Cinnamon Party
  • Foster Planners
  • FellemLabs

  • OneSource Event Planning
  • Compass Party
  • Party Dir
  • Flower Fest
  • Fest Hacker
  • Creativity Planner
  • Intimate Planner
  • Kennel Party
  • Earth Event Planning
  • Highlands Planner
  • Planning Ventures
  • Makefester
  • Party Only
  • Journal Planner
  • Kingdom Party
  • Fest Venue
  • Cactus Fest
  • Bulletproof Event Planning
  • Python Fest
  • Ambassador Event Planning
  • Bookmark Event Planning
  • Money Planners
  • Enhanced Party
  • Sweet Fest
  • WestPlanners

party business names

If your interest boils down to planning business events or fests, then you must go for names that reflect the agenda of your company clearly. This list of names will clearly deliver the mission behind your event management company.

  • Limelight Fest
  • Fest Intelligence
  • Event Planning Forge
  • Wester Event Planning
  • Baseline Party
  • Homestead Party
  • Sunlight Party
  • Fest Equity
  • pLangoPlan
  • Event Planning Tips
  • Planners Certified
  • Fest Bomb
  • Reflex Fest
  • groopGrouper
  • Provision Fest
  • Strategy Party
  • Fest Smile
  • Vigor Party
  • Safer Fest
  • Earthy Planners
  • Party Window
  • Geo Planner
  • Self Planners
  • Fest Frog
  • Create Planner

  • Party Plaza
  • Evolve Planners
  • Fetch Event Planning Plan
  • SkyHigh Planner
  • BlackSheep Event Planning
  • Host Party
  • Io Fest
  • Real Party
  • Event Planning Garden
  • Beacon Fest
  • BigBang Planners
  • Stargazer Planners
  • PlansPlanner
  • Pursue Event Planning
  • Heritage Fest
  • drivvymd
  • Planner Pros
  • Corral Event Planning
  • PlannerTimes
  • Pleasures Fest
  • Fest Exclusive
  • jukePestMedia
  • Perfect Planners
  • Walden Planner
  • Planner Waves

party planning company names

If maintaining class and yet staying cute and bubbly is what your planning business believes in, then you must try below-mentioned names. Every idea here has a different outlook that your company may reflect.

  • Event Planning Advice
  • Support Fest
  • BlueCollar Planners
  • Fest Production
  • Flower Party
  • MallbunKing
  • Cricket Fest
  • Covey Party
  • GreenaPlan
  • Goods Planner
  • Mountaintop Fest
  • Planning Wish
  • opAnnersPlanners
  • Planners Find
  • Argent Planners
  • Party Run
  • SolAnniePlanner
  • Forest Fest
  • Party Quote
  • Clever Planner
  • EasymAnn
  • Better Fest
  • Planner Premiere
  • Multiple Event Planning Company
  • Perfect Event Company
  • viValadesPlanner

  • Planners Special
  • Giga Planners
  • Maker Party
  • Factory Planner
  • Planner Superstore
  • Event Planning Nexus
  • Planner Anytime
  • Fest Harbor
  • Event Planning Showcase
  • myfestParty
  • Planning Consult
  • blazePlanners
  • Handy Fest
  • Nirvana Planners
  • Planning Visit
  • Fit Planner
  • Planners Rock
  • Electra Planner
  • Planner Mobile
  • Solutions Planners
  • Hot Planner
  • Lakeside Planning Company
  • Capital Planner
  • Knot Planning Company
  • Planner

catchy names for party planning business

If you are looking for a catchy event company name that can grab the eyeballs of your customers, this list is exclusively for you. Impress your customers right away if you can with these gripping business names.

  • Project Planning
  • Simply Planners
  • Kingdom Event Planning
  • Nova Fest
  • Fest Zoom
  • rstrak
  • MallaPlan
  • Epic Planner
  • Compass Planners
  • Regal Fest
  • Zippy Planners
  • Click Planners
  • Fixer Planner
  • FronterFit
  • Aphrodite Party
  • N Party
  • Realistic Event Planning Company
  • Ambiance Event Planning
  • Deuce Fest
  • Paint Party
  • Imperial Planner
  • Fest Ultra
  • Bit Planner
  • Unlimited Planners
  • Spirit Event Planning Company

  • Western Fest
  • Tetra Planners
  • Symphony Planners
  • Stellar Fest
  • Party Rhino
  • Collaborate Planners
  • Vigilant Event Planning
  • Party Next
  • Align Planners
  • District Event Planning
  • Page Fest
  • PlannergPlans
  • Party Ranch
  • Skull Planner
  • Parachute Event Planning
  • King Party
  • Authentic Event Planning
  • mambAlan
  • Triumph Party
  • Planners Enterprises
  • Value Planners
  • Planners Gorilla
  • BackCountry Planner
  • Capitol Planners
  • Bookingma Planner

party company names

If you want a blend of cool, clever, yet classy business names to represent your company, then take a look at these suggestions. Just think of your planning business brand and pick a name that suits the best.

  • Rebalance Party
  • mamawaVard
  • Relentless Planner
  • Cascade Planner
  • Perpetual Planner
  • Fair Party
  • Party Rules
  • Aegis Planners
  • Smith Party
  • Scape Planners
  • Fest Bargain
  • Titans Planner
  • Reverse Planners
  • Fest Shadow
  • Spicy Planners
  • Mystic Fest
  • Planners Finds
  • Sheer Fest
  • Goto Planning
  • mamaWinder
  • Party Anonymous
  • Giant Planner
  • EastEnd Planner
  • Planner Life
  • Fest Dude

  • Squad Planning
  • Monumental Planner
  • Party Points
  • Beacon Planning
  • Monsoon Planner
  • Toddler Planners
  • PlantePlannin
  • Rumble Party
  • Kill Planning
  • BestWay Party
  • Material Planning
  • Slingshot Planner
  • Distinctive Planner
  • Plannersv
  • LowCost Planning
  • Fest Launch
  • LionHeart Planner
  • Conservative Planner
  • Build Fest
  • Blizzard Planning
  • Campus Fest
  • Write Planning
  • Crop Planners
  • Planners Gear
  • Wellness Planning

kids party planner names

Thinking of names never-ever heard before? Well, you will see them all in this list. Amaze your customers with creative and funky names that suit for birthday parties, kids’ parties, and many more cheerful events.

  • Northside Fest
  • Planner Gun
  • Explorer Planning
  • Handy Planners
  • Wiser Party
  • Help Party
  • Metal Fest
  • Soul Planning
  • Planners Fest
  • Planner Planners
  • Party Engineering
  • Tenor Planner
  • Pierce Fest
  • Montecarlo Planners
  • Action Planning
  • Fest Boards
  • Planners Excel
  • Party Scouts
  • Heavenly Fest
  • Analytical Party
  • RestPlanners
  • Gate Planners
  • Party Shop
  • klikParty
  • Assembly Planning

  • Planners Showcase
  • Plug Planner
  • Invention Planner
  • Original Party
  • Party Man
  • Compassion Party
  • Tiger Planner
  • Follow Party
  • Fest Table
  • Party
  • Emotion Planners
  • Concept Planner
  • Fest Land
  • Prairie Planner
  • BlueRibbon Planners
  • Planners Cell
  • Dufecte Plan
  • Velocity Party
  • OneClick Party
  • Planners Bargains
  • Fest Live
  • Lance Planning
  • plAnnieBanners
  • Planners Nitro
  • Well Planning

party event names

If you think you can plan professional parties or business parties to help your clients trigger their celebrations, go for these out-of-the-box ideas for your business name. Show your clients how well you can add more stars to their happiness.

  • Renewal Fest
  • Total Planning
  • Variable Planners
  • Planner Ranger
  • Structural Planning
  • Everything Planners
  • Planning Care
  • BlackHills Party
  • Rockwell Party
  • movNat Planner
  • merAblehq
  • Prism Planning
  • Start Planner
  • Planner Marks
  • Growing Planner
  • Iridium Planning
  • Reliant Party
  • Apex Planning
  • Round Party
  • Planners Rich
  • Bugg Red
  • Kin Planners
  • International Planners
  • Grid Planner
  • Balanced Planner

  • Planning Belt
  • pLancePlan
  • Locus Planner
  • Fest Magnet
  • Acclaim Planner
  • Conscious Planners
  • WorldClass Planning
  • Planning Update
  • Planners Widget
  • Profile Party
  • VIP Party
  • PlanB Party
  • Brain Planner
  • MilesPlanners
  • Budget Planning
  • FramePlanner
  • Verge Planning
  • WavesPlanner
  • Phantom Fest
  • PlannerPlanners
  • Live Party
  • Planning Jack
  • Atlantic Planners
  • Guess Planners
  • Vault Planners

unique names for party planning business

If you are confident enough to plan any event majestically and are looking for a catchy event company name to kickstart your business, check out this list and stop where you find the perfect name.

  • Planning Investment
  • Focal Fest
  • Buds Planners
  • imPlannerslAnn
  • Outskirt Fest
  • United Fest
  • pLancePlanners
  • Futura Planner
  • Crusade Planner
  • Winter Party
  • Sparrow Fest
  • Navigate Fest
  • Fest Chain
  • Planner Supply
  • Pilot Party
  • Fest
  • PlannerPlan
  • Whitedulty
  • Party Planners
  • BodyBuild Planner
  • planner Planner
  • Planner Bay
  • Flex Party
  • Helio Fest
  • Planners Sparkle

  • Focus Planners
  • Slue Fest
  • Planterfest
  • Peach Fest
  • RiverView Planner
  • Photon Fest
  • Trend Planning
  • Lavender Planner
  • Sunshine Planner
  • Fest Warehouse
  • Roundtable Planner
  • Tribe Party
  • fmbers
  • Aspire Party
  • Goto Planning
  • Creatives Party
  • Stack Planners
  • Fortune Fest
  • Planning
  • Planner Ways
  • Front Fest
  • Clutch Party
  • Groove Planning
  • Party Wisdom
  • Artemis Party

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