The very first building block for any company is its name. Business owners who do not find cool company names from the start of doing business will have trouble attracting customers, creating effective marketing campaigns, and may find themselves wishing they had named their company something different after they have shelled out the money for a website and domain. This unfortunate fate does not have to befall you. You can find cool company names by using and avoid any company name issues or regrets. 

Problems Solved with
There are four main issues that business owners like you will frequently run into when choosing and securing a business name. These issues are that it takes a lot of time and resources to handpick a name on your own, the name desired is already taken, good domain names are grossly overpriced, and names are not a good quality. When looking deeper into these problems individually, it is even more apparent why you should skip the hassle and frustration of choosing a name and use instead.

Extensive Effort to Find a Name
Finding a great name for a startup can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Some of the steps include brainstorming for cool company names, checking availability, purchasing, and more extensive research to make sure the name is viable for your company. This takes a lot of valuable time and resources that business owners just do not have. has already picked out cool company names and has them all listed on their website. This means that you can be sure that the names are available, original, and eye-catching. The only work you must do is decide between their many wonderful name suggestions.

Taken Names
When the name you would like to use is already taken, it can be a very frustrating experience. Often, you have already made plans for this name, become attached to it, and have ruled out the possibility of using any other name. Then, when you go to create your domain to find it is already taken, it can leave you feeling defeated.
With, the domain names listed are all available for use. This means that you will not have your heart set on a cool company name only to find that it is taken. Instead, you can find the perfect domain name, purchase it, and go on to the next step of your business venture without any unnecessary disappointment. 

Overpriced Names
Once you find the perfect name for your company, even if the domain name is available, you may run into the issue that the name is extremely expensive. When your desired domain name costs much more than you are willing or able to spend, you’ll either choose a domain name you do not want or shell out way too much money to make your dream domain name a reality. This can cause a lot of undue financial and emotional stress.
With, domain names are reasonably priced so the perfect name will never be out of reach. Better yet, all domain name prices are clearly marked on the page, so if you are just browsing cool company names, you can be sure to find one that is within your budget right from the start.

Poor Quality Names
Another huge issue that arises from not using a naming service like when finding a company name is ending up with a poor quality name. These names either don’t make sense for your business, are hard to pronounce, or are completely unoriginal. Starting a company with a mediocre name is like building a house on a deteriorating foundation.
Every domain name on is hand-picked by a naming professional, so you will only find great quality, sensible, and original names on the site.

By choosing a name from, you can avoid the many hassles that come with finding the perfect company name. Smart business owners know that their time and money are valuable, so be a smart business owner and use for your company name needs.
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